Many decades ago there was a man who stood tall amongst all others. His name was Clarence Tausch, his wife was Alma, and they were two hard working dedicated dairy farmers raising a family of three sons and a daughter, not an easy task in those early days. They built a reputation of delivering quality products on time, day in and day out within the San Antonio area.

With their sons and daughter working side by side it’s no wonder when Clarence and Alma Tausch saw a need to open a pit run operation followed by a rock quarry in 1978 they would be successful. Helotes Materials went on to becoming a major player in So Texas. Over the years the family opened Medina Crushed Stone, Custom Crushed Stone, a Concrete/Asphalt Recycle center, along with Redi-Mix and Asphalt plants in the south Texas region. With quality aggregates, safe long term employees, a growing economy and strategic locations it’s no wonder there were buyers knocking on the door.

In 2011 with more than 30 years in business the Tausch family decided to sell the business and relax. But the relax part was short lived with the oil boom hitting Texas they hit the ground running. Today were known as Far South Mining LLC with aggregate plants in Three Rivers, Tuleta, and Falls City.

Being a Total Green company Far South Mining operates a Recycle Center. The operation takes in used concrete and asphalt turning it into base material and road millings. The metal and other material is removed and recycled. Our customers and employees are proud of our stance on saving the environment.

 Today the Tausch family is very active in the day to day operations with the third generation family actively working.

 Clarence Tausch passed away in 1984, leaving behind a business to his wife Alma and their four children. He would be proud of all they have done and the integrity and compassion to hard work in turning out consistent products meeting the needs of the construction industry in So Texas.